What Crowns Do To Support Vulnerable Teeth

woman nice smile dental crown conceptWhen your tooth is in a vulnerable state, it will have to be protected with a permanent restoration if you want to avoid oral health complications. As strong as the material is, our enamel is limited in its ability to heal when damage occurs. This is why cavities and injuries result in permanent harm. Fortunately, your Tulsa, OK dental office can take on this trouble with your tooth while still preserving your appearance. This is possible because we can provide dental crowns that imitate healthy enamel. The material is lifelike enough to avoid detection, but it is also strong enough to support your biting and chewing habits. In the event that you need a stronger restoration for a back tooth, other material types are available.

How Will My Tooth Stay Safe After A Cavity Or Injury?

Many dental injuries and cavity issues will call for the placement of dental crowns. A crown is a restoration that completely surrounds your tooth above the gums. In providing this coverage, it keeps the healthy structure that remains safe from further harm or infection issues. Because it surrounds the structure, you can bite and chew while counting on it to absorb the pressure that these habits generate.

We Use Different Types Of Crowns To Protect Patients’ Teeth

We are able to provide different types of dental crowns based on what our patients need from their treatment experience. In many circumstances, we will use custom restorations that are made with a lifelike porcelain material. Because this is an option, we can provide protection without creating a problem for the way you look. The material can even be tinted to match the color of your neighboring teeth! If there is a concern that you need more bite support for a molar, we also provide porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations and full metal crowns.

Deciding Between Cosmetic And Restorative Services

Not every problem with your tooth structure requires a dental crown. Just as a smaller cavity can be treated with a dental filling, less severe harm like minor chipping and cracking can often be resolved through cosmetic work. The benefit to approaching problems with cosmetic care is that we can reduce the overall amount of work that you require. However, it is always important to closely evaluate the tooth and make sure you do not need the advanced bite support a crown can offer.

Talk To Your Tulsa, OK Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Crown

The right restoration can have lasting benefits for your smile, bite function, and oral health. We can provide this kind of support even when teeth are affected by advanced decay or injury because we offer lifelike dental crowns. For more information on restoring your vulnerable tooth with a crown, reach out to our Tulsa, OK dental office at (918) 749-1626.