Relieving Chronic Pain With TMJ Treatment

man with TMJ pain visiting dentistThe painful effects of TMJ disorder can interfere with your quality of life by causing more frequent headaches as well as persistent pain when you try to bite, chew, speak, or laugh. The problem stems from the poor alignment and movement of your jaw joints. If it goes untreated, you can continue to suffer those consistent aches and pains as well as facial discomfort, pain in your neck and shoulders, and harmful teeth grinding! Our Tulsa, OK dentist’s office is prepared to help you take this matter on by providing a treatment solution tailored to your specific needs.

Untreated Jaw Problems Can Hurt Your Quality Of Life

TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, can impact your dental health and your general well-being in many ways. Headaches become more frequent, jaw stiffness and pain become a regular occurrence, and other discomforts can affect you as well. Because people with this issue frequently grind their teeth, you can also experience dental injuries, feel teeth become loose, and do harm to past dental work. During a routine dental exam, your dentist can talk to you about signs of poor joint movement that suggest TMD is a problem. We can also meet with you if you experience the symptoms of this condition and want to make sure that it is addressed.

Beginning TMJ Treatment With Your Dentist

When we discuss TMJ treatment, we will look at the nature and severity of your problem to see what kind of support you should receive. Tailoring care in this way can lead to positive outcomes while keeping your support as conservative as possible. In some cases, we can resolve the problem with behavioral changes and physical therapy. However, we can also rely on assistance from custom oral appliances and mild medications to make sure you can move past this problem.

Has Another Oral Health Issue Led To Your TMJ Troubles?

If you have problems with poor tooth spacing or stick to an awkward bite movement because of a toothache, you can put strain on your jaw that leads to TMJ disorder. During a general review, we can talk to you about existing oral health concerns that may affect your ability to maintain balanced jaw movement. Treating them can lead to TMD relief, and it can help you improve your general well-being!

Talk To Your Tulsa, OK Dentist About Treating Your TMJ Disorder

Through treatment for TMJ disorder, we can put a stop to aches and pains that have lowered your quality of life. We can discuss jaw pain and stiffness during a routine visit, or you can let us know what you are dealing with and we can bring you in for support. If you would like to learn more about TMJ treatment, talk to our Tulsa, OK dentist at (918) 749-1626.