Reviewing The Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

attractive senior woman with nice teethWhen tooth loss changes a person’s smile and quality of life, they may feel as though they face irreversible problems. Beyond the impact that this problem has on the way you look, it can make you vulnerable to more oral health issues and cause problems with biting and chewing. Fortunately, these different issues can all be addressed through implant dentistry!

Our Tulsa, OK dental office can work with you on restoring your incomplete smile. A dental implant can take on important functions normally performed by teeth roots, including the function of stimulating and keeping jawbone tissues healthy. They also help stabilize neighboring teeth and sustain bite strength!

The Consequences Of Living With Tooth Loss

Living with untreated tooth loss can impact you in many ways. The impact to your appearance will depend on the degree of tooth loss you have experienced and what teeth are missing. With that said, any degree of tooth loss creates oral health concerns that you should not overlook. They include problems with your bite health, which can make you more vulnerable to TMJ disorder and other oral health concerns. Jawbone deterioration and a loss of support for neighboring teeth can also turn isolated tooth loss into a larger concern about several missing teeth!

Implant Dentistry Offers More Than Just A More Attractive Smile

Thanks to implant dentistry, our practice can treat problems associated with the loss of the crown—the visible portion of a tooth—and the roots. The implant itself is a small titanium appliance that is set directly into the jawbone. The titanium material is biocompatible, so surrounding bone tissues fuse to the post while you heal. After your procedure is complete and you receive your restoration, you can stimulate that surrounding bone when you bite and chew, keeping it healthy. Implants also help keep neighboring roots from shifting or moving over time.

The Role Implant Dentistry Plays In Treating Advanced Tooth Loss

A single dental implant effectively holds a replacement tooth, giving you a long-term answer to tooth loss. If you need to address a larger gap, or if you need to replace an entire row of teeth, implant dentistry is still an effective treatment option! We can rely on several carefully placed implants to hold larger restorations, making significant improvements possible with less work than you anticipate.

Talk To Your Tulsa, OK Dentist About Implant Dentistry!

The right procedure to restore your incomplete smile can have significant benefits for your appearance and health. We are happy to meet with patients currently struggling with tooth loss so that we can discuss what effective treatment can include. For more information on the benefits of implant dentistry, call our Tulsa, OK dental practice at 918-749-1626.