Dentures and Partial Dentures

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Anyone who is living with conventional dentures has discovered the frustration and inconvenience of eating certain foods or even speaking clearly. That’s because most conventional dentures tend to slip and slide as they rely on the gums and a weakening jaw structure for support. This instability leads to insecurity and discomfort, along with the underlying fear that your teeth could betray you in public!

To address the challenges that can stand in the way of long-term stability, custom dentures and partials may be recommended. To replace all of the teeth or just a few, custom-fitted appliances may be the first step towards restoring your confidence.

To further stabilize your smile and improve the function of your dentures, you may choose to anchor your denture permanently with dental implants.

We offer a number of customizable options to truly personalize your dentures.

When supported with implants, your teeth will be locked into place and anchored to the jawbone for long-term stability. You’ll appreciate a new peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that your dentures will remain predictably stationary, even as you enjoy meals and conversations throughout the day.

The professionals at Howl Dental know that, in order for your new teeth to be successful, they will need to fit like a glove. That’s why we offer a number of customizable options to truly personalize your dentures.

You deserve to enjoy smiling and eating again, and we’d like to help! Contact our office to schedule a consultation today!