Why Water is Good For Your Teeth

dentist in TulsaDid you know that drinking water is good for your teeth? Proper water consumption can benefit your oral health in a number of ways. In addition to receiving regular checkups from our dentist and practicing proper oral hygiene, drinking eight glasses of water each day could reduce your risks for developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Water Helps Rinse Your Mouth

Small particles of food tend to become stuck between teeth and on the surfaces of molars that have pits and fissures. Drinking water during and after your meals can help rinse leftover food away.

When sugary and starchy food stick to teeth, bacteria feed on it in a frenzy. As bacteria feed on food, they release acids as a byproduct. This process softens teeth and leaves them vulnerable to developing cavities. Any leftover food that can be rinsed away with water after a meal can extend the lifespan of your teeth.

Drinking Water Keeps Oral Tissue Moist

The linings of our lips and cheeks, the gums, and the tongue should stay moist. If soft oral tissue dries out, it can become inflamed, ultimately increasing the risk of infection. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep soft tissue moist. It also helps maintain a healthy oral pH, which is important for preventing bacterial and fungal growth.

Water Dilutes Harmful Acids

Our teeth take a lot of abuse – especially from acid. Foods we consume, such as citrus are very acidic. Additionally, oral bacteria release acid as they feed.

Over time, exposure to acid can weaken the protective enamel coating of teeth. Damaged tooth enamel significantly increases a person’s risks for developing dental caries. Enamel damage is also permanent so preventing it is especially important. Drinking water dilutes harmful acids, which can help preserve tooth enamel.

While water is beneficial to your oral health, you still need to receive two professional cleanings and checkups each year. Our practice is accepting new patients. Call Howl Dental today to reserve an appointment with our dentist.