Travel Tips for Your Teeth

dentist in TulsaWhether you are going away from home on business or vacation, proper preparation is important. You pack all your essentials … electronics; clothes; toiletries; and make sure all travel arrangements are correct. But did you remember to keep your dental appointment before you left? Regular visits with your dentist are important for many reasons … one of them is if you’re faced with a dental emergency while away from home, your dentist may be able to talk you through a solution if they are familiar with your dentition.

Travel Tips 

Make sure you pack your dental essentials … toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and any rinses you use at home you should continue to use on vacation. Sugar free gum is a great addition as chewing it following a meal helps to clean your teeth. If you did forget anything, many hotels provide these types of products. If not, rinse thoroughly with water or place some toothpaste on your finger or clean cloth and clean your teeth as best as you can.

Be sure you have the contact information for your family dentist readily available. If needed, in an emergency your dentist may be able to diagnose a problem over the phone sufficiently enough to get you through until you get home.

If you are out of the country, and a dental emergency occurs, contact your consulate for your best options. While your hotel’s concierge is often very helpful, you may have better success at your embassy. If you are uncertain about the quality of the water where you are visiting, do not risk ruining your trip and brush with bottled water.

Before and After Your Trip

Maintain regularly scheduled dental appointments to have your teeth cleaned and an exam performed by your dentist. Preventive action is much better than having to react to a problem. But even the most diligent person can experience a dental problem; do not delay in seeking treatment.

Brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. Floss daily to remove debris your toothbrush didn’t reach.

Watch what you eat … usually on vacation, you have a tendency to relax and enjoy food and beverages that you may not consume when at home. Feel free to enjoy, but get back on track when your vacation or trip concludes.

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