Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants TulsaIf you’re suffering from tooth loss, you owe it to yourself to look into whether dental implants meet your needs. These replacement teeth offer untold benefits to your oral health while looking and feeling like biological teeth. Following are five of the most lauded benefits of dental implants.

Lifelike Bite Force

Healthy teeth and jaws have a strong biting force. This is what makes it possible to eat chewy, fibrous, and crisp foods. Unfortunately, most tooth replacement methods offer nothing close to the level of bite force that biological structures can.

Dental implants, however, are rooted in the jawbone and can provide the force necessary to eat food items with ease. Implants make it possible to enjoy a well-rounded diet with little restrictions.

Clear Speech

Other tooth replacement methods like partial and full dentures can make speech cumbersome. This is because these prosthetics can move during oral function. With implants, you can speak clearly and confidently because your replacement teeth are locked in place.

A Natural Looking Aesthetic

When white restorations and prosthetics are attached to dental implants, you can enjoy replacement teeth that are indistinguishable from natural tooth structure. Implants make it possible to enjoy a beautiful smile after tooth loss.

Preserved Bone Mass

One of the most difficult consequences of tooth loss is the degradation of the jawbones. When our teeth are missing, their roots are no longer able to keep the jaws stimulated. Over time, our body will resorb inactive bone.

Implants, like biological teeth, will keep your bone healthy for decades to come. Preserving bone health is important for protecting remaining teeth and for keeping a youthful appearance.

Permanent Replacement Teeth

Dental implants could last the rest of your life. In addition to their longevity, they’re also very durable. Compared to dentures, which require replacement over time, implants provide low hassle replacement teeth that have real staying power.

If you are wondering whether dental implants are right for you, give our practice a call to schedule a consultation with our implant dentist.