The Welcome Support Of A Custom Denture

senior man smiling denture conceptWhether you have yet to do something about your tooth loss or depend on a less than secure restoration, your incomplete smile can loom large in your mind. As this is a problem that impacts your appearance as well as your health, it is not a matter to take lightly. Fortunately, the right restoration can have significant benefits for your quality of life! Our Tulsa, OK dental practice provides custom-made full and partial dentures. We work closely with patients who require them in order to give them back confidence in their bite function and appearance. Based on your condition and goals for care, we can also discuss the use of dental implants to hold your restoration.

Taking On Issues That Stem From Tooth Loss

Prosthetic dentistry takes on different degrees of tooth loss. With partial and full dentures, we can help patients who have experienced significant losses and lost confidence in their appearance, bite strength, and health as a result. We can provide the right restoration to replace what you have lost after more recent struggles with this issue. You can also receive help if you have a full or partial denture that feels unstable or uncomfortable.

We Provide Personalized Partial And Full Dentures For Patients

Personalized prostheses provide stability that helps you remain comfortable throughout the day. Care in designing your restoration can also help you enjoy better bite support, which helps you eat a healthier, more varied diet. The right preparatory work can be vital to successful restorative services. We put time and effort into closely evaluating your jaw and oral structures, and we engage with you to assess what kind of custom solution is ideal. This discussion includes a review of implant dentistry and its potential benefits for you.

Securing Your Denture With The Aid Of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry provides remarkable support for partial and full dentures. By keeping your restoration anchored in place, dental implants help you enjoy a remarkable bite restoration. This work will also help to stimulate your jawbone and prevent troubles with tissue deterioration. The implants are carefully set directly in the jawbone. Because they are made with a biocompatible titanium material, your recovery process will include the fusion of bone tissues to them, creating a strong hold that lets you keep a restoration in place for many years without difficulty.

Talk To Howl Dental About Receiving Your Personalized Denture!

Personalized care to restore your incomplete smile can renew your confidence in the way you look! Our practice is prepared to help you by providing your first partial or full denture, or we can work with you to replace one that is failing to support you. For more information, please call Howl Dental in Tulsa, OK today at (918) 749-1626.