How Can A Smile Makeover Improve My Smile?

There are many different approaches to cosmetic dentistry that can enhance your smile. There are non-invasive procedures like teeth whitening that can take drab teeth to dazzling. For teeth that are stained due to medications or over fluoridation; teeth that are misshapen or worn down; to close unwanted gaps between teeth … these conditions and more may be improved with veneers. The list goes on and on; to find out what dental imperfections you can correct, see your cosmetic dentist for a consultation. [pullquote]Your cosmetic dentist holds the key for the makeover to improve your smile.[/pullquote]

Since dental insurance does not generally cover dental work for cosmetic purposes, many individuals wishing to improve their appearance have to pay out of pocket for those changes. Your cosmetic dentist has a solution to fit your budget and timeline.

Teeth whitening can be completed in one brief dental visit. Many patients can see up to eight shades improvement with in-office whitening. Patients that wish to whiten their teeth at their own pace in the privacy of home can take advantage of take home teeth whitening. The results take longer to achieve, but take home kits are often a more economical choice.

Veneers are tooth colored shells that are permanently affixed to the front of teeth requiring care. Some cases where veneers work well include:

  1. Dental stain – Intrinsic stains that aren’t eliminated at your hygiene visit or with teeth whitening treatment can be covered with veneers.
  2. Chipped or worn teeth – When dental bonding is not sufficient for dental repair, veneers can cover chipped teeth, make worn teeth appear normal, and make spaces between teeth virtually disappear.
  3. Misshapen teeth – A malocclusion or very crooked teeth may need further treatment; however to make those misshapen teeth appear symmetrical, dental veneers can complete that enhancement.

Missing teeth not only affect your appearance, but can impact your speech and dictate to you what and how you will eat. To replace lost teeth, a dental implant is a procedure that allows you to resume your life with a treatment as close as having your biological teeth restored.

The implant is surgically placed in gum tissue where one or more teeth have been lost. A final restoration will cover the implant providing a means to restore speech, eating, and smiling.

Your cosmetic dentist holds the key for the makeover to improve your smile. Contact our office at 918-749-1626 for more information about which options might work best for your smile.