How Regular Dental Visits Can Save You Money

Tulsa dentisGoing to the dentist twice a year is a couple of hours worthy of your time and financial investment. If you choose to forgo this small commitment, the result could mean extra hours and money to correct what might easily have been avoided.

Starting to see the dentist at a very young age has many advantages. Children should actually visit the dentist around the age of twelve months. This provides a wonderful opportunity for a quick check-up to make sure your child’s dentition is progressing normally; and also gives the parent a guideline as to what to expect as your child grows, and the best way to keep their dental health excellent.

For example, as permanent teeth emerge, your child will reap the benefits of having teeth protected with dental sealants. This allows the surface of the teeth that contain small pits to be filled in protecting those areas from harmful bacteria penetrating the tooth resulting in decay. Another advantage is fluoride treatments to help strengthen dental enamel.

Regular dental visits for your child will allow teeth to be cleaned, inspected, and these preventive measures to be re-applied as needed to provide maximum protection for your child’s dental health. Dental insurance covers much of the cost; but even if you don’t have dental insurance, the cost of these preventive measures is minimal to what would be involved to treat dental decay, infection, or gum disease.

These same advantages are available for teens and adults (however, sealants are only applicable for teeth that have remained unaffected by cavities). Preventive measures are always going to be preferred over needed treatment in time and money savings.

In addition to teeth looking their best following your regular cleaning dental visit, a dental exam will be conducted that can catch small areas of concern before they have a chance to escalate into a more serious problem.

A small cavity is easier to treat than one that has become enlarged perhaps resulting in infection and the need for more extensive treatment like endodontic therapy (root canal) and a dental crown.

Your dentist will look for lesions or unusual spots that have the potential for developing into something serious with each visit.

Plaque build-up is removed; teeth are polished; and all your concerns are addressed when you keep regularly scheduled dental visits.

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