How To Prevent Dry Mouth While Sleeping

Tulsa dentistAny time you look to prevent something from occurring, you need to look at the reasons it happens in the first place. Very often, a dry mouth can result from something temporary like medications taken to counter allergies or a cold. These medicines contain an antihistamine which can dry up membranes. But when a dry mouth becomes chronic, it may be time to consult your dentist to determine why this is happening and to discover a solution.

Why Is My Mouth So Dry? 

Lack of saliva is one reason. We rely on nature’s oral bath for many reasons, and keeping the mouth moist is important for oral health as well as proper digestion.

Do you sleep with your mouth open? So many people do. The reasons vary from a stuffy nose to more serious problems like sleep apnea. While some problems may be easier to overcome than others, finding a solution can improve sleep quality.

A Few Changes May Make The Difference

Staying thoroughly hydrated throughout the day may help as well as keeping water at your bedside for a sip or two throughout the night.

Adding humidity to a dry room is a good idea. This is particularly helpful during cold seasons when heating a room is needed. A small bedside humidifier may help.

If you suffer from a stuffy nose, try nasal strips to open up the nasal cavities to enhance breathing through the nose.

Watch what you eat and drink particularly in the hours before bed. Spicy and salty foods as well as caffeinated beverages can contribute to a dry mouth.

Limit or avoid alcohol in the hours before bed. And if you were looking for a reason to quit tobacco use, this might be a good one as tobacco is also known to promote a dry mouth.

For more persistent problems, there are saliva stimulants available. Your dentist can recommend a product that should help.

Finally, maintaining great oral health is essential. Make sure you brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss daily. Visit our team at Howl Dental for a cleaning and exam twice a year or as recommended.