Porcelain Veneers Create Stunning Smiles

veneers TulsaToday, porcelain veneers are being more readily sought by adults, many of whom did not receive the proper dental care when they were younger. Sometimes, older adults may seek out cosmetic dentistry and dental applications in order to perfect their aging teeth. Unavoidable and uncontrollable factors, such as age, play a large role in one’s decision to seek out cosmetic dental procedures.

When it comes to using cosmetic interventions of any kind, many important factors may influence one’s decision. All of these factors involve both the aesthetics and the health of the teeth and mouth. These factors include:

  • Chips and Cracks – Teeth can become cracked or chipped over time, especially if an individual is not taking care of their teeth properly. Cracks can develop from eating, using the teeth as tools (opening a package or bottle), or through bruxism (teeth grinding). A veneer for a cracked tooth may be an easy way to improve the smile without resorting to more invasive procedures.
  • Stained Teeth – Tea, coffee, and wine are all popular beverages, consumed both for their taste and their health benefits. Unfortunately, these items stain the teeth and contribute toward a less-than ideal smile. As the body ages, teeth also begin to discolor. Many adults opt for veneers as a method to combat this unavoidable issue.
  • Less Discomfort, Hassle, and Time – Adults seeking cosmetic dentistry often do so as a means to bypass the traditional route of achieving a straight, healthy smile – braces. Cosmetic dentistry is often faster, less uncomfortable, and more convenient for most individuals.


If you are seeking to improve your smile without resorting to braces or other more invasive procedures, this cosmetic dental application may be a viable option. Contact our experienced dental team today to discuss your goals and needs. We will be more than happy to provide further information on all the services we offer.