How can I maximize the benefits achieved through teeth whitening?

cosmetic dentistry TulsaTeeth whitening has become one of the most economical ways to achieve a smile makeover providing a significant improvement with minimal time spent. Cosmetic dentistry is much more commonly used today; and is no longer reserved for only the well to do.

Many patients are too intimidated to address their cosmetic dental concerns; but your dentist is there to assist you in any way possible. They are not limited to repairing dental decay or fixing broken teeth. Very often your hygienist can discuss the various ways to enhance your smile during the teeth cleaning process. All you need to do is ask.

A successful teeth whitening program starts with the right product. If you spend your hard earned dollars on strips, pastes, rinses, blue lights, and one size fits all whitening trays, you may  very well be disappointed with the results. As licensed professionals, your dental team is there to provide advice and the proper tools you need to achieve your teeth whitening goals.

In office whitening can be achieved in one brief appointment. The whitening product used has been tested and verified to be safe while providing the maximum lightening available. The dental staff has been trained so you will receive competent care and will know what to expect at the conclusion of treatment.

At home whitening is designed for patients who wish to whiten their teeth at their own speed in the privacy of home. The product provided is of the same high quality as that used in the office; however, whitening at home is going to take longer to achieve. Customized whitening trays are provided as well.

You can make your whitening last longer by knowing which foods, beverages, and habits contribute to teeth discoloration and stains. Tobacco use can result in yellow or dark stains on teeth.

Beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and colas have staining capability. Tomato based sauces, many fruits, and foods with dyes all can discolor your teeth. But knowing what to do will allow you to consume these products while keeping your smile bright.

Plan to rinse or brush as soon as possible following consumption. There are disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste built in that are ideal for on the go use. Chew sugar free gum or suck on sugar free candy to increase saliva flow to keep mouth flushed.

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