Does it matter when I brush my teeth?

dentist TulsaYes, it does matter. Everyone may have an opinion about the best time to brush … but most everyone will agree that brushing daily is important for maintaining great dental health. If you have questions about the best time to brush, consult with your dentist.

Before or After Breakfast? 

There are many who believe that brushing is the first thing to do in the morning to eliminate bacteria that leads to “morning breath” which is perfectly acceptable.

The enamel that protects your teeth is the strongest component in your body. However, there are certain foods and beverages that can temporarily soften enamel; brushing immediately following consumption can weaken that protective enamel so you may literally be brushing it away.

The foods that have a higher acidic value include fruit juices, grains, sugary and processed foods. A safer bet at breakfast are those foods higher in calcium like yogurts, cheeses, spinach, and chia seeds (to name a few).

Of course, morning coffee and tea drinkers will want to help prevent stain so delay brushing until you’ve had your morning beverages. But brushing immediately after is risky; you should wait at least thirty minutes if you wish to drink or eat before brushing.

How Often Should I Brush

Brushing twice every day for two minutes each time is the advised protocol to help control plaque dental build-up … morning brushing and brushing at night. There are advantages to brushing about thirty minutes following your final daily meal.

This may discourage you from nighttime snacking; and if you wait to brush until right before bed, you may have dozed off and the act of brushing will make it difficult to go right back to sleep.

How you brush is very important. If you use a standard toothbrush, you are likely not going to brush the recommended two minutes. An electric toothbrush is advantageous for several reasons. Most come with a built in timer that signals when you’ve brushed for two minutes.

In addition, the fast action of the brush head allows you to merely guide it to reach all surfaces letting it do all the work. Patients who regularly use an electric toothbrush may have less plaque buildup on their teeth.

Know when to brush; and visit our dentist as recommended for a complete cleaning and dental exam to maintain optimum dental health.