How Can I Maintain My Smile As I Age?

Tulsa cosmetic dentistAging does not mean we should abandon our great appearance. Teeth provide an indicator to our age so maintaining dental health and keeping teeth looking their best will lend to a more youthful appearance. Your cosmetic dentist has a variety of suggestions that will fit your timeline and budget.

Stained teeth – Teeth can be discolored or marred as a result of certain medications, advancing age, lifestyle habits (tobacco use), certain foods (some berries, tomato sauce, beets), and beverages (coffee, tea, red wine, cola). There are multiple solutions based on the severity of the problem and the desired result.

Chipped, broken teeth and/or unwanted gaps – There are answers that do not involve invasive, costly treatment that will correct these problems.

Missing teeth – A serious condition, missing teeth can impact speech, how and what we eat, and our level of self-confidence due to our smile.

  1. Teeth whitening: There are in office treatments that can be completed in one brief appointment. For patients that wish to brighten their smile in the comfort and privacy of home, there are take home kits that provide similar results, but take longer.
  2. Veneers: When whitening seems too temporary or the problem involves more intrinsic staining, veneers are a perfect solution. In addition to correcting dental stain, dental veneers are also ideal to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, cover up malformed or uneven teeth, or improve gum recession. Veneers are very thin shells that are permanently attached to the front of teeth that require repair. This procedure is less invasive than other cosmetic corrections, and since most veneers are made from porcelain, these covers are stain resistant.
  3. Crowns: Dental crowns are the correct response … to salvage a tooth with excessive dental decay; complete endodontic therapy; as an anchor for a fixed bridge; to act as the final restoration for a dental implant.
  4. Dental implants: Tooth loss due to trauma or decay can have a devastating impact on day to day living. A dental implant to replace one or more lost teeth allows the patient to return to eating the foods they love, speak without fear, and smile without hesitation.

Don’t allow your teeth to age you unnecessarily … our cosmetic dentist will work with you to provide answers to update and enhance your dentition. For more information, contact Howl Dental at 918-749-1626.