Lost Back Molar: Is a Dental Implant an Option?

dental implants TulsaDental implants are the perfect option when one or more permanent teeth are lost. When a back molar is lost, chewing can become difficult and eventually create a malocclusion (when top teeth do not correspond properly to their opposing bottom teeth). A dental implant enables the patient to continue enjoying all their favorite foods while maintaining a correct bite.

The Dental Implant Process

A consultation with your implant dentist will outline the details; but the advantages of a restoration with a dental implant far surpasses other solutions.

The dental implant is a tiny post that is placed in gum tissue where a tooth is missing. Made from titanium, bone will encompass the implant over time. This will enable the implant to support the restoration that will cover it.

Titanium is the metal of choice for its unique compatibility with bone growth. It is very strong and is considered the most biocompatible of all metals. The process that occurs during the healing period is referred to as osseointegration, which means that over time, the implant will become a permanent part of the dental anatomy.

The patient will be taught how to keep the area around the implant clean to prevent infection. Tobacco use is strongly discouraged as this can result in implant failure.

The Final Restoration

The cosmetic restoration designed to cover the dental implant will be crafted to closely match neighboring teeth. It will be tried in for the proper fit. And since back teeth are designed to absorb a lot of pressure, it must fit perfectly for the comfort and functionality needed for the patient. An abutment will be attached to the implant itself; the cosmetic restoration will then be cemented into place.

The advantages of a dental implant are numerous. This restoration is permanent and secure, which means that no foods are off limits. There will never be any concern over movement or slippage. This pertains to speaking as well. And finally, the patient can laugh and smile broadly with self-confidence knowing that their tooth loss will never be noticed.

Taking care of your new dental work couldn’t be easier. You will brush and floss daily providing the same care as you do for all your teeth. Visit our team at Howl Dental for exams and cleanings as prescribed.