Look and Feel Younger with Rejuvenating Cosmetic Dental Treatments

cosmetic dentistry TulsaThe condition of your teeth reveal a lot about you. Very often, busy or hectic schedules take precedent over things as basic as your smile. You can erase years off your appearance – the first step is to schedule a consultation with your dentist to see how cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance, often in a matter of a few weeks.

Problems and Solutions 

Stained or discolored dentition: You can brighten your smile over your lunch hour! In-office teeth whitening can make stains disappear and lighten your teeth shade. For patients who wish to whiten at home, take-home kits give you complete control. Desired results just take a little longer.

Deep, intrinsic stain; uneven or misaligned teeth; unwanted gaps; chipped enamel: Porcelain veneers can resolve many dental maladies. Veneers are wafer thin shells that are made to match the shape and shade of your teeth. Whether you need to improve one or multiple teeth, veneers are designed to be cemented to the front of teeth providing a permanent solution that will correct many problems in a couple of dental visits.

Tooth fracture or deep dental decay: Dental crowns have been used to treat these problems for decades. While the treatment has remained the same, the crowns themselves have been improved to provide a solution that can save your tooth, and with a great looking restoration that will last for many years.

Missing teeth: Whether lost due to trauma, disease, or infection, missing teeth present more than just an aesthetic issue. Your ability to chew dictates what you can eat. Since many of our healthiest foods must be chewed, missing teeth can seriously impact your ability to enjoy one of life’s pleasures – eating the foods you love! Dental implants offer a tooth replacement that is as close to your biological dentition as possible.

Getting Started with Cosmetic Dentistry 

An honest discussion with your dentist is your first step. A simple question … what can I do to improve my smile? … will open the door to the many possibilities that cosmetic dentistry can offer to rejuvenate your smile.

The results will enhance your appearance allowing you to look (and probably feel) younger and better than you have in years.

Maintaining your great smile is easy; just brush and floss daily, and visit Howl Dental every six months for cleaning and dental exam.