Don’t Let These Trends Harm Your Oral Health

Tulsa dentistryA trend is something that is popular for a period of time; something considered in vogue or a fad. As with many ideas and products, there are trends in dentistry as well. You may hear of different ways to improve your smile or your oral health. While some may do no harm, there are others that can cause damage. Before trying the latest mania that promises fabulous results for your smile, reach out to your dentist to get advice on the best way to protect and enhance your dental health.

Some Trends to Consider Avoiding 

Consuming highly acidic foods – For instance drinking lemon water has become a very popular trend. If you can’t give up your lemon water, at least drink with a straw to allow much of the beverage to bypass your teeth. Acids found in citrus fruits, as well as many other foods, can soften the enamel on your teeth. And we rely on the strength of that enamel to provide protection against dental decay.

Brushing with fluoride free toothpaste – fluoride has been proven to deter the formation of dental decay.

Brushing with charcoal activated toothpaste – While you may experience some short-lived teeth whitening, the abrasiveness of these pastes can damage the protective enamel on teeth resulting in long term damage.

Oil pulling – This trend comes and goes; it has been around for hundreds of years as it is thought to prevent decay. But advances in dentistry have provided so many other great ways to promote cavity free dentition, this fad is truly unnecessary.

Mouth piercings, gems, and grills – Broken teeth, dental decay, and oral infections are a few of the negative results you might anticipate with these trends.

Trends You Should Adopt to Promote Optimum Oral Health

Brush twice daily for two minutes each time. Your dentist can demonstrate the best technique. Investing in the proper tools and using them correctly should produce a great result.

Floss every day. While brushing is incredibly important, you need to floss to get between teeth to remove food debris your toothbrush can’t reach.

Have your teeth cleaned every six months, or as often as recommended. This is the only way to remove harmful dental tartar that has formed since your last visit. And the exam provided may actually save your life by detecting signs of oral cancer.

If it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, contact our team at Howl Dental today.