Dental Veneers: A Custom Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

veneers TulsaCosmetic dentistry has become much more prominent due to its availability, cost reduction, and improved techniques that allow a smile makeover to be completed in one of many procedures. One of those ways to improved aesthetics is with dental veneers.

Veneers is a minimally invasive method to correct stained teeth, worn dental enamel, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth or make unwanted gaps between teeth seem to close.

Your dentist will assess your dental needs, and if veneers are a suitable approach, will take photographs and impressions for the dental lab to fabricate the wafer thin, porcelain units. These will ultimately be cemented on the front of the teeth requiring improvement.

Veneers are most often made from porcelain, which is stain resistant. Once affixed to teeth, treated teeth are actually strengthened with their addition.

Your dentist will match the shape, color and size of your natural teeth so the veneers will closely match neighboring teeth upon treatment completion.

Teeth requiring repair will have a very minute amount of dental enamel removed so that when the veneers are placed they will fit teeth to appear as natural as possible. Before cementing the veneers permanently in place, they will be “tried in” to make sure they fit correctly, are comfortable, and look their best. Adjustments can be made on site as needed.

The surface of teeth will be roughed up and have a specialized product applied to promote adherence with the cement used to attach the veneers. A laser or curing light will be used to speed up the drying process. At the conclusion, your smile makeover is complete and you are free to eat, speak and smile without hesitation.

There are a couple of cautions that will be extended by your dentist such as: Avoid biting down on hard objects such as ice, crunchy vegetables, or hard candy; discontinue biting fingernails; do not use teeth to open packages. These are good ideas for natural teeth, but especially for teeth treated with veneers. Although strong, veneers are not invincible; broken or cracked veneers will require replacement as repair is generally not done.

Caring for veneers includes daily flossing, brushing at least twice per day, and twice yearly visits to the dentist for cleaning and exam. These visits will also allow your dentist to make sure veneers continue to remain in their optimum condition.

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