Custom Mouthguards: Not Just For Professional Athletes

Tulsa dentalThe importance of protecting teeth and your mouth is not just for sports professionals. Anyone that engages in activities where there is a possibility of contact that could result in damage to teeth should be educated in the importance of wearing a mouthguard. Your dentist will be able to provide you or your child with a custom fitted mouthguard that will protect teeth, gums, and your overall dental health.

Why a Custom Fitted Mouthguard? 

Buying a mouthguard online or at your local drug or sporting goods store may be more economical initially; but if your mouthguard is ill fitting or does not feel good, you might not benefit from your purchase.

A custom fitted mouthguard will be designed to work for you; will fit correctly to provide you with maximum protection; and will likely last much longer than the glob of plastic that you bought that you tried to mold to fit your needs.

When engaging in a contact sport or one where there is potential for contact, you put your dental health at risk. One or more lost teeth, cuts to oral tissues, jaw damage, and facial injury can be avoided with the right protective equipment.

A mouthguard should feel natural as it protects your mouth. If it feels bulky or does not hold in place, you likely will not realize the best protection. Or worse yet, you may discard it as wearing it is more of a distraction than an aid.

Why a Mouthguard At All? 

Having a tooth knocked out can be a very costly and time consuming event. Whether facial contact is accidental or is anticipated as part of the activity, tooth loss can have long term and negative effects to a child or adult.

The potential for tooth loss is not the only reason to wear a mouthguard. Your teeth are strong and when bumped against softer oral tissues, teeth can cut cheeks, tongue, or lips. A properly fitted mouthguard can protect against jaw injury as well.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior or you engage in contact activities regularly, your dentist can help you protect your dental health with a mouthguard fabricated specifically for you. It is an investment that can protect your oral health.

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