Consider Sedation at the Dentist If You Suffer from These 4 Things

Do you worry about going to the dentist? It’s very common for people to avoid dental visits,  due to anxiety caused by the noise of the dentist’s instruments, fear of painful procedures, or general discomfort with preventative care or treatments. 

However, oral health is important for overall health, and avoiding visits to the dentist can cause extreme decay, infections, and disease.

Fortunately, dental sedation is an option. If you suffer from these 4 things, you might benefit from sedation at the dentist:

1. Extreme Dental Anxiety

Many people may fear extensive or invasive dental treatments. But for some, even regular checkups can cause extreme dental anxiety. 

As scheduled appointments grow closer, a patient’s fears and worries can increase, causing them to cancel office visits and forgo dental care. Fortunately, for many patients, sedation can help make dental work more tolerable, allowing them to keep up with preventative care and necessary treatments. 

2. Low Pain Tolerance

If you have sensitive teeth or find that even small aches and pains are hard to tolerate, sedation at the dentist might be a good option for you. Sedation can work as anesthesia, dulling pain you might experience during regular cleanings, preventative care, or more invasive treatments. 

3. Overactive Gag Reflex

A gag reflex is your body’s normal response to prevent objects from entering your windpipe. However, you might find that your gag reflex is overactive, causing you to gag when objects touch the back of your throat, tongue, or even your molars. 

This reaction can make X-rays, molds, and regular dental treatment uncomfortable for you and frustrating for your dental care team. Fortunately, with sedation, you can experience a more productive and comfortable office visit.

4. Extensive Dental Work

You may not suffer from dental anxiety, a low pain tolerance, or an overactive gag reflex, but you might still want sedation if the dentist has recommended extensive or invasive dental treatments to address issues with your teeth or gums. 

Because these procedures can last a long time, sedation might be your best option to reduce pain reception and keep you more relaxed. It can also help the dentist more efficiently provide your treatment.

In Conclusion

If you have been avoiding trips to the dentist for any of the above reasons, sedation might be the answer to helping you have a more comfortable visit. Contact Howl Dental today to make an appointment and learn about your sedation options.