Spaces Between My Front Teeth: Are Veneers an Option?

veneers TulsaFrom genetics and thumb-sucking or extended pacifier usage and excessive gum tissue, many issues can cause spacing between your two front teeth. Known as diastema, a gap-toothed smile may not be a serious dental issue, but it can affect your appearance and self-esteem. While many well-loved celebrities have made diastema a popular trend in Hollywood, you may prefer to repair this space with cosmetic dentistry. Finding the best treatment for repair can be a challenge. Thankfully, porcelain veneers are a great versatile option to correct a gap between your front teeth.

Veneers Consultation

During the initial consultation, your dentist will advise you on the best course of action to correct the diastema with the porcelain veneers. A series of molds and impressions of your mouth and teeth will be taken. These are then sent off to a lab for the fabrication of your veneers.

Application of Veneers

Once your dentist ensures the porcelain covers offer a comfortable fit over your teeth, a light topical anesthesia is administered to numb the teeth and surrounding gums.

Your dentist will use specialized instruments to remove a very thin layer of enamel off the front surface of your teeth. After applying a dental-grade cement directly to the veneers, they are attached to your existing teeth to cover a gap-toothed smile in a natural manner.

Securing Veneers

After a few adjustments, your dentist will focus a LED light to the porcelain covers and cement. The light hardens the cement, securing the veneers in place.

Due to this involved application, these thin porcelain covers repair your diastema in a permanent manner.

Orthodontic treatment is a common option for patients with spaces between their front teeth, but braces and expanders can take years to repair the diastema. In addition, orthodontic care is a more costly treatment option. Thankfully, veneers offer a natural, permanent, and less invasive repair.

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