5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Teeth

dentist in TulsaDid you know that your teeth are the strongest structure in your body? But they are not indestructible. Not only can teeth be impacted by trauma, they can also be lost as a result of decay or infection. We know the importance of visiting the dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and dental exam. However, many people are unaware of habits or behaviors that can damage teeth.

5 Habits that Can Damage Teeth

  1. Chew Hard Objects: We all know someone who loves to munch on ice or bites down on pens, pencils, or other inanimate objects that do not belong in their mouth. Not only can this be aggravating to those around them, it’s also very detrimental to teeth.
  2. Bite Your Nails: In addition to being unsanitary, biting your nails can lead to broken teeth, worn dental enamel, and infection.
  3. Use Teeth as Tools: We have scissors to open packages, and bottle openers for that purpose.
  4. Brush with Charcoal: Everyone yearns to have beautiful, white teeth. But brushing with a charcoal product can damage enamel, and when enamel is gone it does not grow back.
  5. Chew Tobacco: Or use any kind of tobacco product, including vaping products. With all the evidence that proves how dangerous this is to overall health, the damage to oral health is just as serious. Lost teeth, gum disease, oral cancer … the risks are too great to ignore.

Ways to Promote Great Oral Health

Diet: Limit sugar laden foods and those high in carbohydrates. Stick to fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy products, and healthy grains for a properly balanced daily diet.

Stay Hydrated: Drink water, and plenty of it every day. Unsweetened coffee and tea, fruit infused water, and sugar free additives are okay as well as sparkling water. Regular and diet soda should never be consumed on a daily basis.

Brush and Floss: Using the proper tools and correct technique are important. Brush a minimum of two minutes twice daily and floss at least once a day to remove what your toothbrush missed.

Visit the Dentist: Those twice yearly cleanings are necessary to remove tartar that forms between dental visits. X-rays and the dental exam are tools that help promote great oral health.

For more information or if it’s time to schedule your next exam and cleaning, contact our team at Howl Dental today.