5 Things That Happen During a Dental CheckUp

Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining your oral health. Did you know that the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw also contributes to your overall health and well being? This is why a dental checkup involves more than just cleaning your teeth. 

The Purpose of a Dental Checkup

At a dental checkup, you’ll receive preventative maintenance on your teeth and gums with the purpose of keeping your mouth healthy. If the dentist discovers any issues, you’ll discuss a plan for treatment. 

Everything that happens at your dental check-up keeps your smile beautiful and free of complications. Toward this end, here are 5 things you should know that happen during a dental check-up:

1. Review of Health and Dental History

When you first arrive at the dentist’s office, you’ll complete a questionnaire about your health history and any changes since your last visit. This paperwork may also ask about medications and lifestyle habits. Your dentist will use this information to make informed decisions about your oral health care.

2. Necessary X-rays

Your dentist may determine that it’s time for a routine X-ray of your mouth and jaw. These usually only take a few minutes, and you’ll wear a protective lead apron. There are many benefits to getting X-rays at dental checkups, including identifying any tooth decay, infections, or bone loss that may not be visible to the naked eye.

3. Teeth Cleaning

The dental hygienist will clean and polish your teeth. This easy procedure usually takes up the majority of the time at a dental checkup as plaque and tartar are thoroughly removed. The hygienist may discover some issues during your cleaning, such as a cavity or bleeding gums, that they’ll share with the dentist.

4. Examination of Mouth and Gums

After your teeth are cleaned and polished, the dentist can perform a visual examination of your mouth and gums. The dentist will look for any abnormalities or cavities and ask questions about gum and tooth sensitivity. Combined with X-rays, this visual exam helps identify any concerning issues with your oral health.

5. Recommendations for Oral Health Care

At the end of your dental checkup, the dentist will make recommendations for the care of your teeth and gums. This could range from simple reminders to brush and floss, to foods and drinks to avoid, to creating a plan for return appointments for necessary treatments or procedures. It’s important to follow those recommendations to prevent future problems.

Final Thoughts

A dental checkup provides a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw so your dentist can make informed decisions about prevention and treatment. Contact Howl Dental today to schedule your next checkup.