5 Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Teeth

dentists in TulsaRed wine has tannins that can contribute to tooth erosion. Coffee can gradually stain your teeth. Yes, these are the common culprits of tooth decay or damage. But other harmful habits may not be so obvious.

Failing to Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Some people do not make regularly scheduled visits to the dentist out of fear or because they can’t afford it. Other people do not realize that visiting your dentist every six months will allow potential problems to be detected and treated in the early stages. Gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums, is reversible with good oral care. Left untreated, it can progress to periodontal disease, a more serious condition that can result in tooth loss.

Make bi-annual exams a priority to ensure optimum dental health.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Honey Instead of Sugar

Honey dates back to Egyptian times when the sweet, golden liquid was used for everything from wounds to respiratory problems. It can be used as a natural alternative to sugar that will not cause damage to your teeth.

Advantages of honey include:

  • Honey does not contribute to tooth decay. It is anti-bacterial.
  • Contains propolis, a natural ingredient that is used in toothpaste.

Sucking Your Thumb

Thumb sucking is associated with infants and young children. But this continued practice can affect the alignment of teeth and gums.

Playing Sports and Incurring Dental Injuries

Many athletes experience tooth damage or have their teeth knocked out annually. Basketball, biking and hockey are just a few sports involved in dental injuries.

Consider a custom-fit mouth guard designed by a dental professional to ensure comfort and good shock absorbency.

Brushing Teeth with Infected Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste is recommended to reduces plaque. However, toothbrushes can contain harmful bacteria. So what should you do to reduce the chances of infection?

  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly
  • Do not share it with others
  • Replace your brush every three to four months
  • Don’t store multiple brushes close to each other


Be mindful of the daily choices you make and how they will affect your teeth. For more information or to schedule your next appointment, contact Howl Dental at 918-749-1626 today.