4 Reasons Why People Miss Dental Exams and Why You Shouldn’t

Tulsa dentistryWhen’s the last time you’ve had general dentistry care like a checkup or cleaning? If it’s been a while since you’ve visited your dentist, you’re putting your oral health at risk. There are many reasons why someone might miss a dental appointment but none of them are worth sacrificing one’s oral health.

Following are some of the most common reasons people forego important oral healthcare.

Oral Health Misconceptions

Misconceptions about oral health and common conditions play a role in people avoiding dental treatment. While dentists and public health organizations try to increase oral health awareness, it is hard to reach everyone. Moreover, there is an abundance of misinformation on the internet.

Patients need to know that their oral health is important and some conditions can literally wreck a person’s health when left undiagnosed and untreated. Adults and children need oral care including frequent checkups and cleanings.

Dental Fear and Phobia

Some people avoid checkups and cleanings because they have fears and phobias about visiting the dentist. While the fear of dental settings and treatment is a very real and paralyzing thing, skipping routine checkups could lead to the development of serious oral health concerns.

Fortunately, our office offers sedation dentistry, which involves using nitrous oxide or mild oral sedatives to promote a more relaxing experience. Oral health professionals are trained to address dental fears and phobias with compassion and understanding. You might be surprised how much your dental provider can help with increasing your emotional comfort.

Hectic Schedules

There’s no question about it: life can be very hectic and challenging. Most oral healthcare providers will work with your schedule. Instead of missing an appointment all together, give our team a few days’ notice and we will do everything we can to accommodate your busy life.

Changes in Insurance Coverage

Job changes or lapses in employment can throw a wrench in dental coverage. While dental insurance is helpful for offsetting oral healthcare costs, it isn’t absolutely necessary. Many people can pay for their checkups and cleanings out-of-pocket with a little budgeting and saving.

If it’s time for a checkup or cleaning, don’t wait. Call Howl Dental today to schedule time with our team.