4 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

dental implants TulsaDental implants are designed to replace one or more teeth lost due to trauma, infection, or decay. When first introduced, their use was somewhat limited. But today, the dental implant process is very commonplace making it one of the most popular procedures that allow you to enjoy all the foods you love, chew and speak without having to worry about your dentition slipping, and smile and laugh without embarrassment.

Relevant Facts About Dental Implants

  1. Most dental implants are made from titanium … a metal so strong it is a major component in the construction of space shuttles. In addition to its superior strength, titanium promotes bone growth. That is important because when tooth loss occurs, the bones that held them in place will begin to atrophy. This can lead to facial changes as well as impact neighboring teeth. Once the titanium implant is placed in gum tissue, bone will fuse to the implant providing support for the restoration that will eventually be affixed to it.
  2. Biological teeth can experience decay, but the material used to make your implant restoration is strong, stain resistant, and because it is a manmade product, cannot develop cavities.
  3. Your implant is designed to last a lifetime. Literally, your dental implant will become incorporated into your dental anatomy so that it will still be going strong for a lifetime of use.
  4. A tooth replaced by a dental implant is good for neighboring teeth. That is due to a couple of reasons. With many types of tooth replacement methods, adjacent teeth are manipulated in some fashion to help hold the substitution teeth in place. Crowns or brackets on surrounding teeth can impact their health. And bone loss that occurs with other tooth replacement options can eventually impact those adjacent teeth. A restoration placed over an implant will not in any way damage neighboring teeth.

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