Treatment Options to Improve Smile Symmetry

veneers TulsaAnyone dealing with uneven teeth (possibly the result of teeth grinding); gum recession (making teeth appear elongated); or misshapen teeth … these problems and more can make you feel self-conscious when smiling, speaking, or eating in public. Porcelain veneers are one solution applicable to resolve many cosmetic dental issues; treatment can be completed in a few dental visits.

Cosmetic Dental Issues that are Treatable with Veneers Include

Uneven teeth – this can be due to teeth grinding, a misaligned bite, overlapping teeth, or a poorly completed dental restoration. Once the damage has been done, porcelain veneers are ideal to alter your appearance making uneven teeth appear symmetrical.

Unwanted gaps between teeth – while some may find those spaces endearing, other patients want them to be gone. Veneers can seemingly close unwanted gaps easily.

Dental stain – the source of spotting and teeth discoloration may be a result of medication, illness, diet, or tobacco use. Stain can make your smile appear mottled with some teeth being impacted more than others. Veneers will cover those teeth giving you a brighter and more even smile.

Chipped or broken teeth – having one or more teeth impacted by chipped enamel can certainly make you want to hide your teeth when you smile. And exposed dentition from gum recession make those teeth look longer than surrounding teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry allows patients dealing with many of these problems to restore their smile. Your dentist will customize the porcelain veneers treating only the teeth you wish to have repaired.

The veneers are wafer thin, tooth colored shells that are made to be permanently cemented to the front of damaged teeth. Your dentist has the ability to control the size, contour, and shading of the veneers; a small amount of dental enamel will be removed from each tooth to be treated (about the thickness of the veneer).

The dental lab will fabricate the veneers; when ready they will be tried in for fit, functionality, and appearance. Any small adjustments required can be completed immediately at chairside. The veneers will be cemented in place completing your cosmetic enhancement in a couple of brief weeks.

Any diet restrictions will be explained by your dentist; general care for veneers includes brushing and flossing just as you would your untreated teeth; and visiting your dentist every six months for cleaning and exam.

To learn more about your options for a smile makeover, contact Howl Dental at 918-749-1626 and schedule a professional consultation today.

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